Friday, 8 January 2016

Corvus Corax, Dark Fury Assault Squad, and Legion disparity

The Raven Lord in all his glory

Well Corvus Corax, the Raven Lord, Primarch of the XIX legion or 'Raven Guard', has gone up for pre-order and I gotta say the model looks incredible!

When we got our first glimpse of him after his unveiling during the ForgeWorld 2015 Christmas Jigsaw; I wasn't a huge fan of the model and most people I spoke to shared a similar opinion. However, after being able to study the model in much greater detail I've changed my opinion completely! This is, in part, due to the amazing paint job that one of the very talented people over at ForgeWorld have given him. The pose of the model is also extremely dynamic and I love how Corax is executing a Sons Of Horus Legionary with one of his twin pistols.

The jump pack looks incredible as well, especially the huge swept wings attached to it, the only part of the model I still dislike is the face and hair. I think it is too reminiscent of Fulgrim and is just a bit meh for me overall, although the rest of him is still a 10/10!

The Dark Fury Assault Squad, one of the Raven Guard's special units, also look amazing, and I love how the design of their jump packs echo the one worn by their Primarch. The curved 'Ravens Talons' wielded by the squads leader look particularly menacing and its not hard to imagine the damage being struck by those would do to a fellow Legionary.

On a more downtrodden note, its hard not to feel a bit resentful of Raven guard players. This is due to the Alpha Legion Headhunters, shown at a recent event in Nottingham, turning out to be upgrade kits rather than whole models. This is not the first time ForgeWorld has gone down this root with Legion specific squads as the Imperial Firsts Legion Templar Brethren and Phalanx Warders also just being upgrade kits.

The upgrade kits themselves do, undeniably, look very pretty, with lots of detail being present even if a couple of design choice don't make much sense. The primary culprit her being that the Power Daggers affixed to their breastplates having their hilts pointing upwards. Didn't the design team realise how hard this would make drawing said daggers?? At the moment it looks like that the time they draw the things they'll catch on their would have made more sense for them to have the hilts pointing down for easier access. Aside from this minor gripe they do look like very well detailed little kits, and, admittedly, the positioning of the power daggers does help lend to the infiltration/assassin role of the Headhunters, wish they'd had cloaks though!

How the ruddy hell does he draw that power dagger on his chest?? O.o


I would much rather the Legion specific units were full models even if this meant waiting longer for them. I was hoping the headhunters would have some pretty dynamic poses and ornate weapons because of their elite nature and role on the battlefield. Ah well, hopefully ForgeWorld will do a full kit for the Lernaean Terminators (the other Alpha Legion unique unit), i might even be tempted to add some to my army if they do! Any who that about wraps this post up, so I hope you enjoyed the Raven Guard eye candy and I'll see you next time!

Oh and the Headhunter pictures were nabbed from the Battle Bunnies blog, I'd recommend checking them out as they have some great content!

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