Monday, 22 February 2016

New Army! - Necrons

The Dynasties Overlord takes aim with his deadly Tachyon Arrow

Well once again I have been unable to resist the call of a new army. This time its the Necrons!

After spying the plastic Necron Overlord clampack in my local GW store I couldn't resist and bought him and the codex on the spot. One thorough read-through later and I had planned out a 1000 point army and, following the acquisition of several bits, set about converting and painting the Overlord of my Dynasty (which I still need to come up with a name for).

Work in progress shot

The Overlord in my list is equipped with a Hyperphase Sword and Tachyon Arrow so I, thanks to bits website, plundered the Lychguard and Deathmark kits for some parts. The sword is not modified in anyway, I simply cut the arm with the Warscythe at the wrist and where it joins the rock under his foot and attached the sword. The Tachyon arrow was a bit more complicated, it was created from various parts; a Particle Caster, a Synaptic Disintegrator, and the Overlords original Warscythe. As the Tachyon Arrow is a Strength 10 AP 1 weapon I wanted to create something that looked suitably deadly.

Not any major conversion work by any standard (mainly because I suck with greenstuff) but I am still very happy with how the completed model looks. I was aiming for a dynamic looking pose and think I have managed to achieve that.

The paint scheme I decided on incorporates the standard silver metal of the Necrons with gold used to make certain details standout and the white as a secondary colour to the silver. Instead of going with the green colours used on the majority of  Necron models I opted to used several blues instead. The base was made by gluing some small rocks to it then applying the Citadel Texture Paint 'Astrogranite' followed by a wash of Nuln Oil and then a dry brush of Skink Blue. I was aiming to get a Tomb World sort of feel with it and quite like the finished effect.

Not going to lie, I love how he has turned out, especially the bone white and blue as I feel they go very well together. I did try to limit the amount of gold I used as I much prefer silver and tried to use it to pick out certain details in an effort to make them stand out. The only real mistake I made was gluing the overlord too far back on his base (and being too afraid to attempt to snap him off and re-glue him) so, to me at least, he looks like he's a bit too far back. Aside from that I'm very happy with how he turned out and can't wait to paint up some more 'crons, a rarity for me considering how much I usually despise painting!

As soon as the Overlord was done I shot off to my local GW store, which conveniently is a 5 minute walk away, and picked up a box of Triarch Praetorians who will be a part of the Judicator Battalion forming half my 1000 point army. Hopefully I'll have them painted up within the next couple of days and will make a post to display them. Oh and I will also finally get around to doing the second part of my Leviathan Dreadnought rules review, sorry its taken so long! Until next time...


  1. Looking good, man! I really dig the blue - excellent choice!

    1. Thanks! Not a fan of the standard green myself.