Friday, 11 December 2015

Alpha Legion Chaplin Finished!

I'm a huge fan of the Chaplin model

After the horrors of attempting to batch paint it was such a relief to go back to painting one model at a time. Even though he wont be in the final force, I decided to paint the Chaplin from the Betrayal at Calth box-set.

I think sculpt is fantastic and love the pose as I can just imagine he's about the blow a hole clean through an enemy Legionary with a ball of super-heated plasma. I'm a huge fan of plasma weapons and when I get round to doing a showcase of my 40k Space Marine army you'll see what I mean!

As with all the models I've built/painted in the last few months he was built in a couple of sub-assemblies to make painting him easier as parts of him would have been impossible to paint if he'd been fully built.

I'm very happy with the finished result and in particular think the glowing effect on the Plasma Pistol turned out really nice. Is it just me or does anybody else prefer the look of Heresy Era plasma weapons I especially love the 'Sunspite' type of Plasma Pistol which the Chaplin is wielding. I think their 40k incarnations are far too bulky/blocky for my tastes.

Even though I know its cheesy and will cost a metric-butt-ton of points I do plan to build a 10 man Tactical Support Squad all armed with Plasma Guns, I do expect them to be wiped from the face of the board turn on though! I may also convert a Moriart armed with 2 Plasma Pistols as that has the potential to look amazing.

See you next time!

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