Tuesday, 8 December 2015

First Veteran Tactical Squad Finished!

First Squad Finished!

Well after temporarily abandoning my preferred method of painting, I did the the remaining 7 marines from this Veteran Tactical Squad in one go...

Let me tell you I am never doing that again. I know for the majority of painters doing that many at once would be a breeze but omg it just killed all of my motivation, batch painting is not my thing in the slightest. I definitely prefer doing models one at a time, I think I will try to see if i can get that number up to 3 as otherwise ill be here forever.

Anyway the first of my two Veteran Tactical squads is done! What I am planning on doing when I assemble the second squad is to give three models Heavy Bolters as I want each squad to have two of them instead of just the one so one model from this squad will be assigned elsewhere.

The Heavy Bolter the Veterans get comes with a suspensor web which allows a Heavy Weapon to be treated as an Assault Weapon instead. However, it does the half the range of said weapon but I'm fine with this as the whole squad will have Banestrike Bolter rounds (on a to wound roll of a 6 the shot becomes AP3). So basically each squad will have an 18" zone of pain around them and as the Heavy Bolters benefit from the banestrike ammunition as well the squad hopefully will be able to easily deal with other power armoured Legionaries.

I'm planning on painting the Chaplin that comes with Betrayal at Calth next as although he wont be in the force I'm building he looks far too awesome to pass up on! My next post will feature him so see you then!

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